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Regulations and Disclosures

Niagara County Cremation Care was founded for the sole purpose of offering lesser cost “immediate cremation” services. Several modifications and restrictions have been made to differentiate between normal Otto Redanz Funeral Home charges and the lesser amount offered through Niagara County Cremation Care. Below are the restrictions and modifications and are subject to change at anytime, due to unforeseen circumstances, unpredictable in caring for the deceased/funeral arrangements.

-An email will be sent to the person in charge or “informant.” All information requested in the email must be emailed back prior to our meeting.

-If an obituary is requested, the content must be emailed ready to print, with the photo, by 2 p.m. the day prior to publication. Upon request, we will compose the obituary for you for a charge of $50.

-Death certificates will be filed by us, however the informant is responsible for obtaining copies from the clerks office in the city/township of death.

-We will provide an application to obtain a United States flag for a veteran, but the flag must be obtained by the informant from the United States Post Office. The same applies for military honors and military headstone requests. The forms we will provide. The filing of paperwork is at the discretion on the informant.

-Urn(s) purchased from us- the cremated remains will be placed in the final resting vessel(s) by us. If the urn(s) is purchased from another source, the informant is responsible for the placement of cremated remains or we will place remains for a $50 fee.

-If the survivors will be intering/inurning the cremated remains, all coordination with the cemetery and the actual interment/inurnment is the responsibility of the informant, unless the informant hires us to handle.

-Payment is due prior to cremation taking place in the form of credit card (2% fee), cash, check or insurance assignment (4% fee). NO payment plans are available. If the decedent qualifies for assistance from social services, the amount received from social services will be reimbursed to the informant. 

-If the informant wishes to have services beyond an immediate cremation ALL the above stated restrictions will be voided, as the informant will be charged as a regular paying family from our general price list, which would include an additional $850 as the package for “immediate cremation” is discounted.

-Additional $195 for home, nursing home, hospice facility etc.

-All cash advances will be added to the base charges

-The difference in the cremation process, through us, at Sheridan Park Crematory. (Never leaves our care, superior tracking system that is up to our high standards as well as the final processing of cremates remains)

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